Story World Club

Are there fairies – or elves, or trolls – at the bottom of *your* garden? Some of our younger pupils had fun using natural materials from the School garden to make magic doors and outfits for a doll / figure then photographed and animated story scenes for their “Story World” character using the Puppet Pals… [Read more…]

Form 7’s John Muir Award adventure continues!

Form 7 had another very exciting week of John Muir adventures, including visiting beehives at Cockenzie House and learning all about bees from Bryden McKinnie. We also had a great afternoon at Costerton where Mrs Macandrew had a super afternoon of activities planned for us. We prepared ground and planted sunflowers, we fed the 50… [Read more…]

Form 8 Reach A True Summit Of Achievement!

Our oldest children took on the formidable challenge of climbing their first munro (a mountain over 3000ft) when they headed to the Cairngorms with Mr Becher, Mrs McCutcheon and Mrs Dowson (plus Finlay the dog!) to climb Mayar (928m). Miraculously, in this week of bad weather, the party enjoyed exceptionally favourable conditions, revelling in the… [Read more…]

Form 7’s Pentland Challenge

Form 7 were also reaching for the heights this week as they took on the challenge of a 12km hillwalk across the Pentland Hills on Wednesday. Although the torrential rain of the previous day had abated, the children along with Mrs Bryce, Mrs Hellewell and Mr Gilholm had to compete with a ferocious wind throughout… [Read more…]

Form 4 Netherurd 2017

One of the highlights of the Form 4 experience is the two day trip in the Summer Term to Netherurd House near Blyth Bridge in the Borders. This year proved to be a huge success once again with eager and excited children up for every challenge which came their way! From Canadian canoeing to navigating… [Read more…]